Looking for a Conservative School? Rocca Prep is Accepting Students for Fall 2021

Dear Parents,

Are you worried about teachers using your children as pawns to further their irrational and hateful progressive agenda? 

Do your children’s teachers tell their students that there are infinite genders; that all white people are inherently racist; and that immutable characteristics are more important than hard work?

You know it, and I know it. False narratives, ideological propaganda, critical race theory, and countless other failures have taken over schools, and our children deserve much better. 
Everton Rocca, Founder and Headmaster of Rocca Preparatory School

As a full-tuition merit scholar at Stanford University, where I earned my Master of Arts in Education, Multiple Subject Teaching Credential (K – 6), and Additional Authorization in Literature (K – postgrad), I saw firsthand how many schools have become little more than indoctrination centers. 

From preschool to university, most institutions now teach students what to think rather than how to think. I’m trying to change that in the best way I know how: by opening my own private school, specifically designed for conservative families.

Opening in the fall of 2021, Rocca Preparatory School will be located in Northwest DC and will serve the surrounding metro area, including Montgomery County. 

My mission is to help reform our society so that it once again values truth, logic, and the free exchange of ideas. To do that, I feel called to urgently prepare the next generation of great thinkers.

Rocca Prep’s website (www.roccaprepschool.com) is officially live, and I’m scheduling initial phone calls with interested families.

If you are seeking a school for your child that honors critical thinking and stands against social justice indoctrination, please reach out today. 

Warm regards,

Everton Rocca
Stanford University ‘20
University of Southern California ‘18



(619) 971 – 8006

Author: The MoCo Conservative

The MoCo Conservative blog and podcast provide a voice for the not-so-silent majority and disenfranchised voters in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Our goal is to aggregate published Conservative content written by residents of the Beltway and beyond. Our blog and podcasts cover a variety of topics and responses from concerned citizens, both anonymous and names, who are directly impacted by the reckless policies put forth by those in positions of authority.

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