Response to WSJ Opinion: Gunning for the NRA

From A Law Abiding Citizen in Maryland.

You can really tell when the Left is starting to sweat.

Once again the NRA is under fire. Even if there is any validity to these claims, would this be the first nonprofit organization to have fraudulent leaders or misappropriation of funds?

From the Article:

New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a lawsuit Thursday calling for the dissolution of the National Rifle Association, and you have to smile at her audacity. The suit claims to speak for millions of donors it alleges were cheated by the NRA’s self-dealing executives.

Do they think that the National Rifle Association’s over five million members will just toss their 2nd Amendment rights because they’ve been “taken”? So far there’s no proof to these accusations and we know the liberals are frothing at the mouth to further restrict our 2nd Amendment rights.

This is the legal equivalent of toppling over a national monument and another pathetic attempt to destroy American history and our traditions.


Author: The MoCo Conservative

The MoCo Conservative blog and podcast provide a voice for the not-so-silent majority and disenfranchised voters in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Our goal is to aggregate published Conservative content written by residents of the Beltway and beyond. Our blog and podcasts cover a variety of topics and responses from concerned citizens, both anonymous and named, who are directly impacted by the reckless policies put forth by those in positions of authority.

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